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Printed Papers

Year   Medium  Remarks  Download

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2011  Extra-Blatt Königswinter,
Oct. 26th, 2011

Weekly advertising magazine
with local reports  
Brief report on the WEK participation at the MMRS Exhibition in Manchester
(German language, translation on page 2)

Complete issue of that paper,
report on page 14
2011  Continental Modeller

Model Railway Magazine
for Model Railways with
international Prototypes

Issue October 2011
pp. 666 - 673  
General report on the layout
30st anniversary of WEK

Download [7.302 KB]
scan, pdf  
2010  KZV aktuell

Journal of the Dentist's Association
of Rhineland-Palatinate

Issue December/January 2010/11  
Report on the Hobby of the
WEK's General Manager

Download [2.761 KB]
scan, pdf
(German language)  
2008  Modellbahnschule
(Model Railway School)

Special Publication of the German magazine "Modelleisenbahner"

Issue No. 19
August 2008
p. 51  
Report on animated figures, including a photograph and brief comment on the WEK turntable.

Download [235 KB]
Cutouts, pdf  
2006  Voie Libre

Issue No. 36
May 2006
pages 24 - 30

Text and Photos:
François Fontana

(This publication is available with a leaflet containing full English translation - strongly recommended for English speaking NG enthusiasts!)  
Report on the layout,
exhibited at
EXPO-Narrow Gauge
Swanley/Kent Oct. 2005

Download [1.593 KB]
scan, pdf
(French language)
English translation [23 KB] , pdf-file  
2001  eisenbahn
Issue 12-2001, pages 66 - 69  
General Report on the layout, 4 pages A4 +title + contents, layout plan, 6 colour photos

Download [1.032 KB]
scan, pdf
(German language) 
2001  009 NEWS
Issues 6-2001, pages 4 + 5
7-2001, pages 4 + 5

monthly magazine of the 009 Society  
General report on the layout, 4 pages A4 + title, layout plan, 2 black&white photos (title), 13 colour photos

Download [1.883 KB] : scan, pdf  
1995  ArGe-S INFO
(Germany, Austria)
Issue 4-1995, pages 16 - 18

Quarterly magazine of ArGe-S (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Schmalspur)  
General Report on the layout, 3 pages A4, layout plan, 7 black&white photos

Download [1.814 KB]
pdf-file (German language)  
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2005  SWR 3
Landesschau (regional news)
Nov. 6th, 2006  
Report on the Lahnstein Model Railway Exhibition
(near Koblenz, Rhine)
short cuts covering WEK's "Moving Folks"  
(Download file in preparation)  
2004  RTL
(night journal)
Nov. 5th, 2004  
Report on the Cologne Model Railway Fair
short cuts covering WEK's "Moving Folks"  
(Download file in preparation)  
2003  SWR 3
"Rat und Tat"
Oct. 1st, 2003  
Topic "Modelling"
Report on "Moving Folks" on WEK railway
(utilises parts of the SWR report from 2002)  
(Download file in preparation)  
2002  SWR 3
April 27th, 2002  
Report on railways in Rheinland-Pfalz,
includes report on WEK-railway,
focus on "moving folks"

Download: Summary from this report and "Eisenbahn-Romantik" from 2000
9,06 MB (as above)  
2001  SWR 3
"Drei in einem Boot"
from Oppenheim
July 4th, 2001  
Entertaining report from Oppenheim/Germany,
includes a portrait of the WEK railway and an interview with WEK General Manager 
(Download file in preparation)  
2000  SWR 3
Series 386
Okt. 20st, 2000  
Report on layout, 6:48 minutes

Link to SWR-Website Archive:
Eisenbahn Romantik Issue 386

ER Folge 386 [35.450 KB]
Smaller file [9.281 KB] (Summary from this report and "Menschenskind"-report of 2002)  
1999  ORF Regional Niederösterreich
Abendnachrichten (evening news)
Oct. 2nd, 1999  
Report on ArGe-S Narrow Gauge EXPO with short cuts about the WEK-Railway   (Download file in preparation)  
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