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Videoclip "Doggy likes railways":

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More details on wagging a dogtail and about other moving folks.

At the Level Crossing ...

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Ancestor of the WEK

Former Model Railway Layout 1972 - 1981

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Exhibitions and Meetings

Click here for reports on recent exhibitions and meetings with WEK attendance.

Prime of the Year!

Springtime - out with the convertibles!

Accrescence at the WEK's auxiliary motive power department.  
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Just in time for the prime of the year
WEK-driver and convertible enthusiast
Lukas Bahnfeld made sure to have
plenty of fresh air whilst on duty with shunting.

After being an owner of a DKW 1000SP Roadster of 1957 vintage, he now found a suitable "Railster" (his own word creation), manufactured around the same time in LKM (Lokomotivbau Karl Marx, Babelsberg).  
The engine was still procured by the workshops of engineer Gerhard Walter of Dresden, who in the meantime (June 2009) sadly passed away (Technomodell).    
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The steam shed and works of Wilhelmstal.

The turntable is manpowered. The chap on duty has been doing it for many years without signs of getting tired (he must not be a union member).

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A Czech diesel engine (TU47) crossing the Knopfbach viaduct
(see Modern Goods Traffic - 1 for another engine of this type).

With certain limitations (restricted clearance) the WEK is able to convey standard gauge wagons on transporter cars.

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The Sights of Wilhelmstal

Wrapped Factory

Immediately after having wrapped the Berlin Reichstag, the world famous artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude*) came to Wilhelmstal, following an invitation of the management of the Wilhelmstal Bicycle Factory, to wrap this building, too.

The takings from sightseeing soon exceeded the turnover from producing bicycles, so it was decided, with the artist's approval, to leave the cloth with the characteristic silver gleam until further notice.

*) More pictures of artwork by Christo und Jeanne-Claude can be found here and there.  
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Passenger Traffic

New DMU -

WEK passenger traffic upgraded!  

November 29th 2008: On the occasion of the 50st birthday of the WEK General Manager the new DMU "VT50" was transferred from the workshops of the Broltal-Eisenbahn to the WEK in Wilhelmstal.  
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The first trial runs proofed to be extremely successful, and the new vehicle was very positively received by the public.

An essential advantage is the possibility for remote control. This made it possible to cover the strong demand by additional carriages and a control car.  

Conclusion: A versatile vehicle, which adds to the travelling opportunities of the WEK in a highly productive manner. 
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Body: Piko VB 140 DMU
Chassis: Roco N V200 0-4-4-0 Diesel

Conversion: Works of Broltal-Eisenbahn
(Workshop supervisor: W. Schmitz)
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Motive Power - 1


Sister engine to a locomotive that is in service on the Ffestiniog Railway in Wales.

(Model: Brass- and nickel-silver kit by Backwoods Miniatures).
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Double Fairlie Engine

Engines of this type are also characteristic for the Ffestiniog Railway in Wales, where some of them are still in regular service.

The model is entirely scratchbuilt from brass and nickel silver. All eight wheels are driven by a coreless motor plus flywheel. 

"Lew", Manning Wardle, Leeds, 1925

This engine was built in 1925 for the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway in Southwest-England, which was closed in 1935 already. She helped with dismantling the line until 1936 and was then sold to Brazil. Their traces were long lost after this ...

1978 she could be aquired - with the help of the British manufacturer Rodney Stenning - by the LIF, and then 1981 by the WEK. Here she hauls all kind of trains.

White metal kit, Rodney Stenning,
Minitrix 2-6-2 chassis;
Faulhaber motor 1016 with flywheel  
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Motive Power - 2

Beyer-Garratt Engine K1

Model of the very first Garratt engine ever built by Beyer-Peacock for a railway in Tasmania.

The original engine has been restored to working order in 2005 and is going to haul trains on the Welsh Highland Railway (WHR).

The model has been modified due to the clearance restrictions of the WEK.

(Model: Brass and nickel-silver kit by Backwoods Miniatures)  
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Diesel Engine V29

at the diesel depot in Wilhelmstal. The original engine has been built by the German loco builder Jung in 1952. After giving service on various metre gauge railways in Germany it is now restored to working order and in service at the Museumsbahn Bruchhausen-Vilsen-Asendorf in northern Germany.

(Model from a whitemetal and brass kit by Panier )  

P.W. Trolley(s)

For official use the WEK has several small and versatile vehicles, for instance this motor car. It was fabricated by the WEK works using two van bodies that were found in the spare parts store of the old DKW dealer after his death (DKW - old brand of a German car manufacturer, was absorbed by Auto Union, now Audi). The bodies were wrapped in oiled paper and withstood the temptation to corrode for several decades!

(Model scratch build, chassis solid brass with coreless motor, flywheel - resulting in excellent running capabilities!)

On this picture you also see the rail bicycle that is towed by the motor car, because its driving chain broke.

(Model from a Spieth kit, etched brass, lostwax castings - patterns for these have been produced by WEK)  
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Motive Power - 3

New acquisition: Diesel tractor Ns2h

From a light industrial railway near Dresden the WEK could buy this engine (Type Ns2h, LKM - Locomotive Works Karl Marx, Babelsberg). It was reconstructed by Technomodell, Engineer G. Walter, and has an excellent performance.  
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Diesel Engine "Moelwyn 2"

Sister engine to the famous Ffestiniog Railway "Moelwyn". Reconstruction of a Baldwin Gas Mechanical Engine for WW1.

Model from a Meridian Models kit. According to the alterations the FR gave to "Moelwyn", this loco also received a front pony truck, a lowered cab roof and some other typical features.  

Disaster !

During the hurricane "Emma" weekend (March 1st, 2008) "Moelwyn 2" suffered severely from a landslide and a subsequently fallen tree. WEK authorities consider the damage of the engine beyond repair.

Luckily the driver had a narrow escape, so there were no injuries.  

(During transport to an exhibition the model escaped from a temporary transport case and fell near the locker of the boot lid of the car. This remained unnoticed until the lid refused to close. Strong advise: don't hurry with packing your models!)  
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Modern Goods Traffic - 1

Diesel fuel from Russia

Recently the importing of diesel fuel for the engines of the WEK has commenced directly from Russia. This has been made possible thanks to good connections of the wife of the WEK's General Manager to Russia.

Which route the Yukos waggons take on their way to Wilhelmstal still remains top secret!

Insiders assume that Egorovs of St Petersburg plays an important part in this business ...

Motive Power is a Czech TU47 Diesel engine. 
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Tidiness is essential !

No wonder that the tank waggons (still) don't have the otherwise typical greasy look. They are maintained with care !

The oil company is well aware of the fact, that a proper public appearance encourages customers to enhance business.

(Model: PERESVET TT-Models, St. Peterburg/Russia, "regauged" to 9 mm, Bemo couplings)

Click here for Peresvet catalogue in Russian language. 
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Goods Traffic - 2

Special transports are always a welcome challenge for the WEK!

Our skilled team of transport specialists always finds a solution to safely convey your sensible goods and products. 
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The tayloring of complicated loading riggs is no problem!

more details on the model ...  
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The Layout

Building the Layout

(more information to come) 

This is how the WEK's layout is presented in the living room.

Glass windows give good protection against dust (and small fingers, too!).  
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Turntable Fiddleyard

This turntable fiddleyard takes five trains of 2' 4" and in addition 14 single vehicles..

The tracks are electrically connected to the exit rail by self acting contact studs. The turntable runs on brass wheels that provide exact adjustment at the rail joins.

A separate control panel allows individual control of the fiddleyard area plus the track section into the factory (see track plan !).

more details ...  
"Land Clearance Project" Heikeberg

more information 
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