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This is a collection of links leading to interesting WEK-related websites
and to cooperating partners to the WEK

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Cooperating Railways

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Bernauer Talbahn  
Private Railway of EMFS  

Private Railway of EMFS.
Take care of the difference to the Brohltal-Eisenbahn (Vulkan-Express) !

Railway website about the model railway of the late Wolfgang Schmitz (1953 - 2010), a railway modeller extraordinary - I sadly lost an always inspiring friend!

His railway lives on with care of his friends.
You must have seen it!
Look out for the exhibition diary at EMFS  
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County Gate   Model railway of a
to the late
Lynton & Barnstaple Rly.
009 gauge  
Dybbstalbahn   G scale garden railway layout
based on the Austrian prototype.
Nice scenery and interesting
conversions of rolling stock.

Layout in Derby, England 

Elsdorfer Kleinbahn  
Light Railway H0e (009)
Special feature:
Animated folks and various microdrives 
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Feldbahnmuseum Guldental

(Museum of Industrial Railways Guldental)  
Private Museum for Industrial Railways

Former pit for casting sand,
near Bad Kreuznach/Hunsrück  

Ffestiniog Railway  
Narrow Gauge Railway in Wales/UK
Gauge 1', 11 1/2" (596 mm)
Built 1836 for Slate Transport

Oldest steam engine in the world still in regular service
("PRINCE", built 1863)

Oldest loco works in the world still in service
(Boston Lodge Works, est. 1836)

Fairlie Double Engines  
Ghylldale Railway   Narrow gauge line in Northern England (scale 009) with access to Ghylldale harbour.

Cooperation with WEK

Layout Report (Narrow Gauge North) 
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Private Railway of EMFS  
Kopfbahnhof Asbach

Private Railway of EMFS  
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Rotstein DB  H0-Layout in Wales, U.K.
DB - Deutsche Bundesbahn
(German Federal Railways)
Epoch III-IV 

Südbergische Eisenbahn Gesellschaft  
Modern transport company,
frequent and successful cooperation with WEK 
Team 750   Model Railwaymen on changing lines,
H0e scale modules

Frequent and pleasant cooperation with WEK 
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Societies - Layouts

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009 Society   Membership of WEK

British Society working on 009 model railways

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Schmalspur e.V. 
Membership of WEK

European society, working on narrow gauge railways, both model and prototype 
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Dampfbahn-Club Holstein 
Live Steam Society

Stunning Layout !
Gauges 5", 7 1/4"
dual gauge track throughout  

Eisenbahn und Modellbahnfreunde Siebengebirge e.V. 
Membership of WEK

Organizer of the yearly "Schmalspur-Session" (Narrow Gauge Session)
regular participation of WEK

2006 Jubilee - 20 years, congratulations by the WEK ! more ...  
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ESV Modulbahn

Blau-Gold Bischofsheim e.V.

Abt. Modellbahn  
Exhibitions to which the WEK attended
2001, 2006, 2008  
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Freundeskreis Europäischer Modellbahner e.V. 
Standards for modular layouts

Meetings with large modular layouts

Timetable operation with goods traffic

(Website partly in English) 

Interessengemeinschaft Eisenbahn e.V.
Bad Homburg v.d.H.  
Modular layout "Köpperner Tal"
Tramway layout Bad Homburg - Saalburg

Exhibitions to which the WEK attended: 1989, 1991, 1995, 2000, 2004  
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(Narrow Gauge Railway)  
Group of modellers,
building a modular layout
of the former "Kleinbahn
Scale H0m, 1:87, gauge 12mm 
MEC Lahnstein-Koblenz
im Bundesbahn-Sozialwerk  
Exhibitions to which the WEK attended:
1987, 1988, 2001, 2005, 2008  
MEC Limburg-Hadamar e.V.  Exhibitions to which the WEK attended:
1986, 1987, 1988, 1989,
1991, 1992, 1994, 1995 
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Idar-Oberstein e.V.

Diligent modelling society
with interesting stationary H0 layout.
Highly detailed, interesting operation.
Train length up to 20 feet!

(Website in german language, but with a large picture gallery) 

Siegkreis e.V.

D-53773 Hennef/Sieg
(near Bonn)  
Modular Layout H0
H0e-Narrow Gauge (009)

Member of
Arbeitskreis Rheinlandbahnen

Exhibitions to which the WEK
attended: 1997, 2007  
Modellbahnwelt Odenwald

D-64658 Fürth/Odenwald
(near Heidelberg)  
Commercial Model Railway,
German prototype,
well worth a visit!

Website in German language  
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Supplier  Click on logo for website   Hints  
Backwoods Miniatures

Pete Mc. Parlin  
Kits 009, various 0 scales
etched brass, nickel silver, whitemetal
WEK locos  

Karl-Heinz Stümpfl  
Manufactuer of
Narrow Gauge Kits
Engines, Rolling Stock, Buildings, Lineside Accessories
American Logging Railways
Scales 1:87, 1:45

(German language)  
  Click on logo for website    
Nigel Lawton 009   Kits 009, H0e, H0n30

industrial narrow gauge

micro motors, micro drives  
Parkside Dundas   Kits 009, 00n3

White metal, plastic
British prototype  
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Schmalspurbedarf *)

Frank Tuemmeler

*) "Narrow Gauge Requirements"  
German supplier of
Austrian and German
narrow gauge model railways
Scale 1 : 87

Friendly service
at reasonable prices

Also cares for
English speaking customers!  
Schmalspur König   Narrow gauge models
from "Kleinbahn
and other narrow gauge lines.
Scales H0m und H0e
(1:87, gauge 12 and 9 mm).
Kits, RTR and accessories. 

Ing. Gerhard Walter, Dresden
(who sadly passed away June 2009)

Models now available through
pmt (Profi Modell Thyrow). 
Rolling stock, Saxonian narrow gauge.
Excellent models HOe (009), superb detailing and lettering.

Supplier of the recent acquisition, diesel tractor Ns2h.  
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Interesting Websites

Name  Click on logo for website   Contents, Hints 
Germany (Bonn area)  
Information on Special Exhibition
"Railways in the Siebengebirge"

Including model railway lauyout
"Heisterbacher Talbahn"
built by: EMFS  
Dunkl Model Railway  Private model department of a commercial website

H0/H0e Layout, report on construction, hints & tipps
(German language only) 
("Modelling Industrial Railways")

Marcel Ackle 
Industrial Railway Diorama
A feast for the eyes!

Scale "2f" (Gf)
Gauge: 26,7 mm 
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Kinderbahn   Model railways for children

Highly interesting publication!
Author: Werner Falkenbach
(in german language) 
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Manni's N-Bahn
(Manni's N gauge Railway)
Well detailed N-gauge layout. Interesting website!
(not narrow gauge, but 9mm gauge at least ...) 
Modellbahn-Links   German website with links to railway related websites, both prototype and model 
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Pendon Museum   Museum with unsurpassed modelling of buildings, scenery and rolling stock.

Depicts rural english scenes of the 1930s.  Model Railway Website
Tom Schintgen, Luxemburg

Models, Layouts, Hints & Tips
Picture Editing

(German language) 
Rotstein DB  Model Railway Website
Dave Sallery, Wales

Layout of German DB outline,
situated in Baden-Wuerttemberg,
Epoch 3 (change of steam to diesel) 
Schmale Spuren
- Vorbild und Modell

( Narrow Gauges
- Prototype and Model)  
Quarterly Magazine

Covering both prototype and modelling
Publishing commenced in 2007.

In German language only. 
  Click on logo for website    
Schmalspur Treff

(Narrow Gauge Venue)  
Web Meeting for Friends of Narrow Gauge Railways (mainly modelling topics)

German language 

Modell Railway Website  
H0/H0e (3,5mm/ft)

Private Railway/Freelance
In Switzerland

German language 
Virtual Narrow Gauge Exhibition   British website presenting a wealth of narrow gauge model layouts of all scales and gauges.

Regrettably no update since many years! 
Ruud Wittekoek   Narrow Gauge Model Railways

Interesting Website:
Layouts, Links, Swap & Sales

English, Dutch,
German, French  
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