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EXPO-TRAINS Luxembourg --- Nov. 10th + 11th 2012

Date, Time   Organizer   Location  
November 10th
10 p.m. - 6 p.m.

November 11th
10 a.m. - 6 p.m.  
Association des Modélistes
Ferroviaires de Luxembourg

Website AMFL
Exhibition Poster
(click on links to open)  
"Centre Prince Henri"
Foto report to follow soon!     
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MEC Lahnstein-Koblenz --- Feb. 25th + 26th, 2012

Date, Time   Organizer   Location  
  Traditional exhibition
with swap meet
and international layouts  
February 25th, 2012
10 am - 5 pm

February 26th, 2012
11 am - 5 pm

Postponed from
Nov. 19th + 20st, 2011
MEC Lahnstein-Koblenz
Bahnsozialwerk - Eisenbahnfreunde

Website MEC Lahnstein-Koblenz  
Stadthalle (Civic Centre) Lahnstein

D-56112 Lahnstein (near Koblenz, Rhine valley)  
The WEK layout in the exhibition hall, immediately before opening.

(picture on right, click to enlarge).  
For the first time the new backscene, especially made for exhibitions, was on show.

(unfortunately I only took very few pictures at this exhibition)  
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Darmstadt-Kranichstein --- Dec. 27th - 29th, 2011

Date, Time  Organizer   Location  
  Kranichsteiner Modellbahntage

X-mas Exhibition in Germany's only model exhibition train 
December 27th
2 - 7 p.m.

December 28th & 29th
10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Eisenbahnmuseum Darmstadt-Kranichstein
Railway Museum
(German language)

Model Train Department
(German language)  
Steinstraße 7
64291 Darmstadt
Click on picture to enlarge!      
This poster was advertising the event (in H0 scale) at Wilhelmstal station!  This was the last of this year's official celebrations of the 30st anniversary of my WEK railway company.  
The WEK Model Railway in a model carriage scale 1:1 - how does this work?

The exhibition train of the Railway Museum Darmstadt-Kranichstein (picture right) offers this rare opportunity!

For three days the WEK was hosted in an old luggage van class BDyg (picture far right).
(Pictures: MoBa-Train)  
Fortunately there was mild winter weather, als the van could only be heated by a small electric heater.

All the efforts really did pay: An exhibition in excellent railway surroundings with a very warm welcome by all the museum crew and a very interested public. 
Picture on left: The WEK layout in the luggage van.

Torsten at the controls: Many thanks for the support! 
The museum runs a very active youth department. The youngsters exercise well with their Maerklin layout (picture on left).

Some of the young railwaymen supported very eagerly the operation of the WEK (Timm and David, picture on right). 
Click on picture to enlarge!      
There were also very interested young model railwaymen from the visiting public: here Jonathan operates the Fiddleyard-Turntable. His Dad had difficulties to persuade hin to leave again!   
A view of the big H0 layout of the MoBa-Train. It was featuring almost all kinds of rail transport up to the latest ICE3 express train, but also an underground tube railway.  (Picture: MoBa-Train
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25 Years EMFS Königswinter --- Dec. 10th+11th 2011

Date, Time   Organizer  Location 
  Model Railway Exhibition
to celebrate the
25th anniversary of the
"Eisenbahn- und
December 10th
10 am - 5 pm

December 11th
10 am - 5 pm  
EMFS - Eisenbahn- und

Website EMFS

Exhibition Poster  
Kulturforum Palastweiher
Winzerstraße 7
53639 Königswinter (near Bonn)
A very familiar exhibition ind a wonderful vintage school building.    Thanks to the organizers and the hardworking catering team!  
Click here [1.264 KB] to read the visitor's book!
(German language only)  
  Click here to watch a short video
(camera: Oliver Bachmann)
showing the unloading of Phonolith wagons on the marvellous EMFS modular layout.  
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Manchester MMRS --- 1. + 2. Okt. 2011

Date, Time   Organizer  Location  
October 1st, 2011
10 am - 6 pm

October 2nd, 2011
10 am - 6 pm 
Manchester Model Railway Society

Website MMRS

75th Model Railway Show

MMRS is the club with the
longest exhibition tradition
Armitage Centre,
Moseley Road,
Manchester M14 6ZT  
This has surely been one of the VERY BEST exhibitions, the WEK ever attended!    Thanks to all the MMRS members for a very warm welcome to the WEK crew. A pity that this society is so far away from where the WEK usually operates!  
Click on picture to enlarge!     Photos by:
Klaus Mack
Uli Clees
After a troublefree journey to Rotterdam the drive into the huge ferry.   The roofbox clearly marks the WEK transporter in the ferry's big car deck.  Beatiful sunrise on entering Hull harbour. 
Klaus, after a good overnight recovery.  Having arrived in Manchester well in time and after the erection of the layout at a good pace, the WEK Railway stood somewhat forlorn in the yet almost empty exhibition hall. Only the famous "Dewsbury Midland" of the MMRS was at that time taking shape in a distant corner of the hall.   The first "working dinner" after the arrival of the rest of the crew (Uli, Peter and Matthias by airplane from Cologne, Dave by car from Prestatyn). 
The 75th MMRS exhibition was a worthy setting for the celebrations of the WEK's 30st anniversary.    Both events have been heavily advertised in Wilhelmstal!  
The WEK crew with brandnew service clothing.
On Saturday John from Leeds boosted the operating crew.  
Matthias, surrounded by trainspotters, introduces the animated "colleagues" in the loco works.   The two friends from Wales and England, Dave and John.  
Presenting of the
"Saggy Barrier Reward"
by the chairman of the MMRS, Andy Cooper.  
The "Trophy"

(An aluminium connector of the barrier system, mounted onto a little box)  
These barriers protected the layouts. Of course the public had to push to see all the minute details on a layout!
Big advantage: the operating crew had ample and undisturbed space to move around the layout. 
Wolfgang Schmitz (+30.9.2010) was badly missed by our crew!   Winegrowers eagerly at work in the recently installed vineyards above Wilhelmstal.   Always an interesting sight: "Footplate rides" on the camera loco, with wireless transmission to a tv screen.  
View of the exhibition hall, WEK layout in the middle distance.  Dismantled - waiting for a free loading bay.   Excellent: driving into the hall for loading during heavy rainfall!  
The unsurpassed society layout of the MMRS "Dewsbury Midland", always highly impressive with super detail and excellent colouring - appropiately admired by heavy crowds!   Detail on that layout.

"Dewsbury Midland" layout was awarded with the "Visitors's Shield". 
Not to be missed: numerous and highly tempting sales stands, supplying accessories usually not easy to come by in Germany. 
For more pictures from attending layouts see the MMRS exhibition report !     Click on picture to enlarge!  
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Zellertalbahn - 10 Years --- 28. + 29. Mai 2011

Date, Time   Organizer   Location  

(had to be cancelled
due to unavailability
of exhibition room)
May 28th, 2011

29. Mai 2011

Other attractions see:
Website Zellertalbahn  
Förderverein Eistalbahn e.V.
(Eistalbahn Society)

Railway Gala
10th anniversary of
reactivating the Zellertalbahn
Monsheim - Marnheim
(near Worms, Germany)
Website Eistalbahn e.V.  
Zellertalbahn between
Monsheim Railway Station
Marnheim Rly Sta.

67590 Monsheim
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IGE Bad Homburg v.d.H. --- Nov. 20st + 21st 2010

Date, Time   Organizer   Location  
November 20st
1 p.m. - 6 p.m.

November 21st
10 a.m. - 6 p.m. 
Interessengemeinschaft Eisenbahn
Bad Homburg e.V.

Website IGE  
Bad Homburg-Gonzenheim

Am Kitzenhof 4
61352 Bad Homburg v.d.H.
  The WEK was part of a big
modular layout - in cooperation with
"Eisenbahn- und Modellbahnfreunde
Siebengebirge" (EMFS).

Operation was partly DC (WEK)
and partly DCC (EMFS).
A bi-systemic station (Kaempenich-Ost)
worked as loco exchange station.  
Part of the Layout
WEK-Layout in background 
The WEK connecting module
Quarry and loading of
"Phonolith": Station
Loading of "Phonolith"

The WEK's junior driver
with Phonolith train

(picture on right WEK,
all others: Hans Wirtz, SBEG)  
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ESV Bischofsheim --- Oct. 30st + 31st 2010

Eisenbahner Sportverein
Blau-Gold Bischofsheim e.V.

Dep. Modellbahn
Website ESV Bischofsheim  
Click on picture to enlarge!   Spectators at the WEK
and a very enthusiastic
newspaper correspondent
taking pictures of the layout 
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SBEG Leverkusen --- 25. + 26. April 2009

Click on logo for information!   Model Exhibition for a Charity Project
Kolping-Family Leverkusen-Hitdorf  
April 25th, Saturday

April 26th, Sonntag 
4. Hitdorfer Fahrtage of SBEG
(Südbergische EisenbahnGesellschaft)
Pfarrheim St. Stephanus
Hitdorfer Strasse 149
D-51371 Leverkusen
  Illustrated report to follow soon!   
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ESV Bischofsheim --- October 11th + 12th, 2008

Eisenbahner Sportverein
Blau-Gold Bischofsheim e.V.

Abt. Modellbahn
Website ESV Bischofsheim

Exhibition Info (German)  
    Report coming soon ...  
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EMFS Narrow Gauge Session --- 13.-15. März 2009

Click on pictures to enlarge!

CLick on coloured words for more information!  
H0e- (009) modular layout
with timetable operation

Participation of WEK with
the offering of footplate rides  
  Central part of the modular layout (above).

The layout contained the gauges
--- H0 - Standard Gauge
--- H0m - Metre Gauge
--- H0e - 75 cm Gauge (2' 6")
with changing facilities on connecting stations

Plan of layout (right)  
21. Narrow Gauge (Schmalspur-) Session
Eisenbahn- und Modellbahnfreunde Siebengebirge

Click on logo for more information!
    The telephone directory represents the comprehensive operational possibilites!  
The Layout

<--- left part

. . . . . . . . . . . . right part --->

Click on pictures to enlarge! 
The Junior Manager of WEK is a keen observer - still invaluable:
the "Railway Crate"
The controller "Profi Control" by Uhlenbrock provides real engine driver feeling!

Conversion of Profi-Control  
The WEK-Camera-Loco transmits pictures from the line.  

Die loading of Phonolith in Nieder-Oberzissen affords high concentration (left).

At the controller of the loading plant (right).


At the harbour the waggons are being unloaded, after having negotiated the long journey along the whole layout (right).  
(Left:) The physical needs of the railway staff were cared for by the catering crew of the EMFS - a first class performance, that left nothing to desire!

(Right:) The screen with the transmission of pictures from the footplate was always beleagured (Der Bildschirm mit der Bildübertragung aus dem Führerstand war stets umlagert (at this interval alternatively showing reports of the reinstating of the Welsh Highland Railway in Wales).  
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on this event by:

Team 750  

MEC Lahnstein-Koblenz --- 22. + 23. November 2008

Click on pictures to enlarge!  Traditional exhibition
with swap meet
and international layouts  
November 22nd, 2008
10 am - 5 pm

November 23rd, 2008
11 am - 5 pm 
MEC Lahnstein-Koblenz
Bahnsozialwerk - Eisenbahnfreunde

Website MEC Lahnstein-Koblenz  
Stadthalle (civic centre) Lahnstein

D-56112 Lahnstein (near Koblenz, Rhine valley)  
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Schmalspur-(Narrow Gauge)-Session 14.3.-16.3.2008

Click on pictures to enlarge!     As the WEK layout isn't DCC controlled, the WEK attended this event again with two DCC controlled locos only.
(Staengl 2095 007-7
and a ROCO HF 110C,
both equipped with Uhlenbrock Sound Decoder)  
In addition the WEK had its new "Video-Loco" on the roster. This enabled visitors of the event to ride along the line "on the footplate" of a Diesel engine (class 2095).   The Video-Loco (in front) is a dummy and is being pushed by another 2095 (digitally controlled with sounddecoder) along the line. It is equipped with a micro video camera, transmitting video and sound signals wirelessly to a receiver connected to a TV screen. The only obvious attribute of the camara loco is a 3mm bore beneath the front windows.  
  "Virtual" model railway enthusiasts, rinding on the footplate via a TV screen - obviously another intersting branch of operating model railways!    
Some views over the fascinating modular layout

(click on pictures to enlarge)  
More picture reports (please click):

EMFS Report

Team-750 Report

SBEG Report  
the five-star kitchen team - thanks for a first class catering!

(see right)  
Train timetables being distributed by Uli.

(see above)  
Date, Time   Organizer  Location  
March 14th 2008
Friday, from 1 p.m.
(Erection of layout)

March 15th/16t 2008
Su until 2 p.m. 
Eisenbahn- und Modellbaufreunde

Many thanks for a perfect organization!

D-53881 Dom-Esch
(near Euskirchen/Bonn)

Details siehe Website EMFS
(German language only) 
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MGS Hennef --- 8. + 9. Dez. 2007

Click on pictures to enlarge!   Big Model Railway Exhibition featuring several modular Layouts and a huge second hand market. 
TV report on the exhibition:  
--> Videoarchiv
--> Heimatreporter
--> 11.12.2007
--> von 10:14 bis 13:21  
Modular Layout of
MGS Hennef e.V.
Modellbahngemeinschaft Siegkreis e.V.

Website MGS Hennef e.V.  
  Small layout inside the big modular layout:
"Volberger Kreisbahn"
by Paul Heinen, MGS  
WEK-Model Railway in the exhibition hall   Operational support by Peter and Wolfgang from EMFS (Eisenbahn-und Modellbahnfreunde Siebengebirge)   Interested public 
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"KS Modellbahntage" --- Sept. 22nd + 23rd 2007

Click on pictures to enlarge!   A wonderful and "cozy" exhibition!

This has already been the tenth exhibition organized by Kalle Stuempfl. Again he succeeded with presenting some superior gimmicks of narrow gauge modelling.
Amongst the wealth of exhibits some shall be looked at in this report, without setting back the unmentioned. The WEK photographer was rather observing the exhibition with his unarmed eyes rather than with his camera! (Not to mention the engagement with his own layout ...) 
Organized by:

D-55444 Waldlaubersheim, Germany  
This picture shows the WEK layout at the exhibition with two very interested youngsters. They lateron - together with their sister - had a temporary employment as engine drivers in the engine depot at Wilhelmstal.

Amongst others Peter Velten and Wolfgang Schmitz from EMFS very much supported the exhibition operation of the WEK.  
The supporting crew of the WEK allowed the General Manager to visit other exhibits and to guide the junior apprentice. The longest shift was worked by Torsten Knieriem (in the background of the picture), who also helped very much with transporting the layout.

Special interest was caused by the yet unfinished land clearing project of the right layout segment. Unusual insights into the hidden sidings have thus been made possible to the public.
(Click here for a special report on this reconstruction scheme)  
Kalle Stuempfl presented hints and tricks for creating a very convincing model vegetation.
(unfortunately no picture!).

A large modular 0-16,5 layout was one of the main exhibits. Furthermore there was a very effective trade support of various specialists, some of whom travelled from far away.  
The very focussed crew behind the WEK layout.

The junior apprentice of the WEK and the spouse of the General Manager watching operation of another H0-exhibit.

Still an unvaluable helper: The "Railway Crate"!  
Always First League:
Otto Schouwstra, here with his newest exhibit "Terra Cotta".
In contrary to the current trend towards large scales, he choosed H0 scale for his newest creation, that impressed mainly with its sound system, that left nothing to improve. Inductive sensores check the position of the train and control fading the sound from one of six speakers under the layout to the next one, according to the train's actual position. In addition a subwoofer provided vibration of the spectator's abdominal wall, when the diesel engine was approaching.

Click on pictures to enlarge!  
Marcel Ackle from Switzerland presented a very skillful regime over most modelling materials with his IIf (scale 1:22,5). He changed their structures from "as new" to a rather rotten appearance.  
A diorama, with every square inch to be watched carefully! One never gets the feeling to have seen after some time - there is always some yet undiscovered detail!   The constructor is an extremely patient modeller, who answered every single question of the public.   Click here for more pictures and modelling hints + tipps by Marcel Ackle !  
Top of Page   Homepage English   Click here for a more extensive report on this exhibition
(German language only)  

Brohltalbahn Rail Festival --- June 9. + 10., 2007

Click on pictures to enlarge!    Another wonderful event with the Brohltalbahn (Brohl Valley Railway)!

It has been organized with real ethusiasm by the supporting society of the Brohltalbahn.

If more narrow gauge railways in the past had a supporting society like the IBS, they might easier have overcome the threat of closure!  
Event organized by:

IBS Interessengemeinschaft
Brohltal-Schmalspureisenbahn e.V.

In cooperation with EMFS
Eisenbahn- und Modellbahnfreunde Siebengebirge

Click here for the EMFS report on the Brohltal event!
(German language only, but beautiful pics!)  
Train of the Brohltalbahn entering the Toenisstein Tunnel.

Engine: "Regenwalde", guest from Selfkantbahn.

Another guest engine was 99 6101 from the Harz Narrow Gauge Railways.
(Greetings to driver Jens!) 
The WEK layout in the "Bausenberg-Halle", Niederzissen.

Thanks to Wolfgang and Uli for part- time operating the layout, thus giving the WEK's General Manager the opportunity to visit the numerous attractions along the Brohl Valley.

Some website customers of the WEK took the opportunity to visit the layout in Niederzissen. Special regards to the Lady from Hannover, who patronises the WEK!
Click here [158 KB] for her report on the Brohltal event (German language only, but superb pics)!  
The model exhibition also featured - amongst others - a modular layout of the EMFS with themes of the Brohltalbahn,
a modular layout of the MGS (Modellbahngemeinschaft Siegkreis),
the new LGB modular layout of MEC Weilerswist,
a small - but beautiful! - layout of the Railway Society Euskirchen ECE with trams and Faller Car System
as well as a LGB-layout with scratchbuilt rolling stock made entirely from beechwood - an eye candy for the patternmaker!
(List not complete!)

Right: Good cooperation between
Brohltalbahn and WEK-Railway!

Click on pictures to enlarge!  
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Schmalspur-(Narrow Gauge)-Session 30.3.-1.4.07

Click on pictures to enlarge!     The WEK attended this event with two of its DCC locomotives
(Staengl 2095 007-7
and a ROCO HF 110C,
both equipped with
Uhlenbrock sound decoder)  
Again a wonderful meeting with a huge modular layout -

Thanks to EMFS for the brilliant organisation!  
Left: Graphic timetable after a busy day of operation!
(Photo: Uli Clees)  
Left part

The layout in the exhibition hall. 
Centre part

Running distance of the track added to a total of approx 500 feet. 
Right part

The main part was H0e, but part of the layout was in H0 standard gauge.
Two stations provided facilities to convey standard gauge wagons onto transporter wagons.  
Timetable conference.

The whole operation followed an elaborate timetable. "Model time" was running four time faster than real time to compensate for the shorter line distances compared with reality. 
The diesel loco in the early morning sun.   The WEK's Diesel engine 2095 007-7 with DCC control. The loco is fully equipped with sound and light (10 LEDs!).  
The driver's cab of the 2095.  The DCC "driver's cab"
(Uhlenbrock Profi Control)

A great experience indeed!

Instruction for conversion  
The "Profi Control" was converted to a hawker's tray. The driver (thanks Wolfgang!) followed the train along the line, plugging the control panel into the appropriate Loco Net connectors.  
More pictures:  Report on EMFS website    
Date, Time   Organizer   Locality  
March 31st, 2007

April 1st, 2007
Eisenbahn- und

Website EMFS  
D-53881 Dom-Esch (near Euskirchen/Bonn)

Details see Website EMFS

WEK doesn't participate with its layout but assists operation with DCC motive power. 
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EMFS 20st Anniversary 28. + 29. Oct. 2006

Click on pictures to enlarge!     
This exhibition regrettably is over! It has been a wonderful celebration of the 20-years-EMFS-anniversary. Many thanks to the organizers from EMFS for the excellent care for exhibitors!

Some selected pictures:  
The EMFS catering team - unbeatable!

click to enlarge  
The WEK celebrated the event with banners along the station yard.  The modular H0/H0e-layout in the exhibition hall  The WEK layout in the exhibition hall  
Date, Time   Organizer  Locality 
October 28th, 2006
Time: 11 - 18

October 29th, 2006
Time: 10 - 17
Eisenbahn- und Modellbahnfreunde Siebengebirge

Jubilee Exhibition: 20st Anniversary of EMFS

Website EMFS  
D-53229 Bonn-Holzlar
(near Koenigswinter, Bonn/Germany)

Detailed Info [60 KB]
pdf-file, please click
for exhibition poster, German language

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