"Railway Crate"

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Technical Support for Junior Enthusiasts

The WEK runs its layout at a height of 4 feet above floor level (combined with other modular layouts it may also be erected at a height of 3' 8" or 4' 4" respectively). It is a reasonable height to watch the scenery at a realistic perspective. This - of course - only applies to adults of average size.

When the Junior Apprentice of the WEK - then aged just under 4 - developed an increasing interest in model railways at exhibitions and in the WEK in particular, a solution had to be found, which would enable him to obtain an appropriate horizon, despite him being only 3'4" tall.

This solution was found in form of the "Railway Crate", illustrated below:

With the "Railway Crate" little ones can also watch the big (i.e. high) layouts with patience!

Model railway layout:
Eisenbahnfreunde Kraichgau, Sinsheim/Germany  
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The handle offers safety and most of the time keeps at least one hand from touching the layout! 

The "Railway Crate" is comparatively lightweight and can be moved with ease by the little enthusiast himself to wherever he wants to watch.  

It also offers a comfortable seat to relax!  
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Just take a crate for softdrinks or even beer (just the crate, of course !) ... 

... turn it upside down and fix a broom-stick into one corner with a suitable screw and wing nut.

The stick should be approx. 3'4" long (depending on the hight of the user).  

At the bottom of the crate clear the space for the stick with a file, when necessary. This and the drilling for the fixing screw are the only modifications to the crate.

Both modifications are so inconspicious, that the crate could easiliy be returned to the dealer after the user has grown up! 
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