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An earlier reconstruction of the loco moved the motor (Faulhaber 1016) to the front into the boiler. The speed was reduced by adding another reduction gear.

This provided enough space on the footplate for the personnel and its mechanics.  
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This view shows the bright new and additional wormwheel for speed reduction and the gear to its left, that carries the movement from the loco drive to the engine driver.  

The chassis from above. Visible is the small brass gear block for the engine driver's head movement, situated in the right watertank. It contains another worm gear and the actuating lever with its friction clutch (piano wire, sprung against the axle).  
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Pictures above:
The actuating lever in both end positions.  

Pictures below:
The engine driver from below with its small wire lever, also in both end positions.

The driver is drilled right through. A wire leads through its body. It carries the head on its upper and the wire lever, attached with a small piece of plasticard, on its lower end.

A major problem was caused by the need to attach the drive to the chassis, while the driver is fixed to the loco body. Both must be able to be separated for maintenance reasons.

The transmission of movement from the chassis to the body is linked with a small wire fork, attached to the actuating lever, which engages to the wire lever at the bottom of the driver's figure.  
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