Turning the Water Column

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The water column in the loco depot is actuated by a forceful push of the worker's arm. He moves it to the filling position above the water tank of the engine. 
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The water column is turned by a modified servo motor (picture from underneath the baseboard).

The man has a flexible arm made of the insulation of stranded wire. His position on the ground is also flexible, as he is fixed by a small piece of wire from his shoe to the floor.

This enables him to put in "full power"! 

From the motor drive a connecting rod leads to a crank on the axle of the water column. With binding screws the length of these wires is easily adjustable to the end positions of the movement. 

In the case of the servo drive two micro switches provide terminating of the movement.

They are actuated by a small wire arm fixed to the axle of the drive.

(Internal wiring is still missing on the pictures). 

At the control panel the water column is controled by two push buttons, each one for each direction of turning. Two diodes provide the splitting of AC into a positive and negative half wave, that are switched alternatively by the push buttons.

In the casing of the drive two more diodes provide the selctive switching of each half wave by the microswitches. Once one of the microswitches switched off the current for the motor in the end position, only the opposite direction is enabled by the then closed second microswitch. 

Circuit for control of the water column's motor (M):

An AC current is divided by two diodes (e.g. 1N4001) into two halv-waves. They are switched by two push buttons on the control panel and led to the layout and the motor. Each halfwafe passes the appropriate microswitch, that cuts off the current in the end position of the motor.

The motor drives the column by way of a connecting rod.  
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